MABIS Dispos-A-Scope™ Single-Patient Stethoscope, Blue



    Reduce the spread of infection in your facility with this single-use stethoscope. Ideal for nurses, hospitals, clinics, EMTs, nurses and more, this stethoscope can be discarded when you're finished.

    • Disposable stethoscope minimizes cross-contamination.
    • Ultrasensitive plastic chestpiece promotes reliable sound quality.
    • Made with a plastic binaural and 30" Y-tubing.
    • Latex-free design helps protect patients with latex allergies.
    • • Reduce The Spread Of Infection Due To Cross-Contamination By Using These Convenient, Individually Packaged, Single-Use Stethoscopes.• Use A New One For Each Patient And Simply Dispose Of The Unit After Use. They Are Excellent For Nurses, Hospitals, Clinics, Emts, Nurses And More. • The Stethoscope Features A Chrome Binaural And An Ultra-Sensitive Plastic Binaural. • These Disposable Stethoscopes Offer Mabis Fine Quality And Accuracy.• 22-Inch Y-Tubing
    • 30-Inch Full Length