Working From Home? Here's What To Buy

October 10, 2021

So, you're setting up a home office. That spare bedroom, attic space, or alcove will soon be the command center for your small business or remote workspace. It's good to create the right environment for focused productivity. Consider these tips on furniture for an office in the home and these home office set up ideas.

Ergonomic chairs

No matter your office size, you’re going to spend a lot of time sitting in it. An ergonomic chair will keep you comfortable while protecting your back. You can look for a model with adjustable seat height and armrests, along with good lumbar support. A swivel chair is an ideal piece of furniture for small spaces because it lets you enter and exit your workspace without pulling out your chair. It also saves your neck when turning to talk.

Ergonomic Office Chairs

Lumbar Support Chairs

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Best home office desks

The second most important piece of office furniture is a home desk. Continuing our ergonomic theme, a standing desk is a good addition to any office because it helps introduce some variety into your posture and breaks up an otherwise sedentary day. If you’re short on room, a small corner desk will make use of every available inch. You can still use a desk riser on a small office desk, which will emulate a standing office desk without taking up unnecessary room.

Standing Desks


Desk Risers


Computer Desks


Cable management

So, you’ve found the best home office desk. Now, consider what’s under it. Management of cables is vital when considering furniture for small spaces. It reduces the clutter from computers, lights, and other equipment. Some desks come with built-in cable management, but many need extra accessories to manage cable chaos. Cable ties, mini-clips, and cord covers will be your least expensive small office furniture add-ons but possibly your most satisfying.

Cable Wrap and Ties


HDMI Cables


Efficient storage should be next on your list of small office space ideas. Try to keep everything off the floor with a five-shelf bookcase and a home filing cabinet. You can use drawers with dividers to hide away rarely used items and reduce clutter. The best small office furniture for storing files may have no drawers at all: A printer/scanner takes up little space and can digitize your documents for storage on your computer and in the cloud. Don’t forget a shredder to get rid of the documents safely afterward.

Filing Cabinets

Printer Stands



A home office should be well lit with both ambient and task lighting. You can use lampshades to scatter harsh light and uplighting to bounce light off walls and ceilings. Directional desk lamps are good for task-based lighting, creating focus where and when necessary. Natural light from a desk near a window is beneficial if space and location permit.

Floor Lamps

Adjustable Arm Desk Lamps

White Lamps


You can expect to deal with noise from pets and children at home, especially if you’re working in an alcove rather than a dedicated room. Headphones may not save you space, but they’ll save your sanity and help you co-exist with those around you while staying productive.

Even the smallest area of your home can become a productive small office. It just takes some design and some discipline to keep things neat and orderly. With these small office furniture ideas and work-from-home tips, you can get the best of both worlds by being at work and home at the same time.

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