Perle S-100-S1SC20D - Fiber media converter - 100Mb LAN - 100Base-TX, 100Base-BX - RJ-45 / SC single-mode - up to 12.4 miles - 1550 (TX) / 1310 (RX) nm



  • Auto-MDIX. Auto-MDIX (automatic medium-dependant interface crossover) detects the signaling on the 100BASE-T interface to determine the type of cable connected (straight-through or crossover) and automatically configures the connection.
  • Status LED. The Perle Fast Ethernet Media converters have three single color status LEDs located on the front panel of the unit.
  • Error recovery. In certain configurations, and under specific conditions where the media converter brings down a link to convey status, there is potential for a deadlock. Recovery is achieved by momentarily restoring the link to see if the original failure has been resolved.