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Formax FD 262 Single-Head Tabber Paper Folding Machine, 22”H x 25”W x 15-1/2”D



    Streamline your work with the Formax Single-Head Tabber Paper Folding Machine. The integrated bottom feeder enables continuous operation, while the applicator and rollers help keep the tab folded and sealed.

    • Tabs up to 12,000 pieces per hour.
    • Feeder capacity up to 200 tri-folds.
    • Integrated bottom feeder offers continuous operation.
    • Applicator and rollers keep the tab folded and sealed.
    • Knobs are easily accessible for user convenience.
    • Control panel includes push button controls and a 5-digit LCD counter.
    • Built-in waste take-up spool provides effortless cleaning.
    • 120VAC power at 50/60 Hz.
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