Sharp AQUOS BOARD PN-L2B PN-L752B Interactive Whiteboard - 75" - 36.60" x 64.90" Active Area - Wired/Wireless - Speaker - Bluetooth - HDMI - 1 x Number of USB 2.0 Ports - 360 W



Enjoy A More Natural Way of Working

The PN-L2B AQUOS BOARD® range of smart interactive displays combines genuine "4K reading and writing" and an intuitive "Pen-on-Paper" user experience with Zero Bonding and Sharp's PrecisionTouch technology. The single USB-C connector makes it so simple to walk into a room, plug in your device and start working together straightaway. The PN-L2B AQUOS BOARD interactive displays also feature an integrated controller with whiteboard, overlay and wireless functionality to help enhance your productivity.

Built-in Apps

The PN-L2B series are the perfect choice for busy office environments, boardrooms, meeting rooms and training sessions that require quick, responsive operation and smart, integrated collaboration tools. It encourages effective group teamwork, promotes idea sharing and helps people deliver great presentations and achieve better meeting outcomes.

As well as incorporating a range of useful preinstalled apps, settings and configurations, it enables quick and easy-to-use video conferencing. It features a launcher that allows users to easily access a range of useful pre-installed apps, configurations, inputs and settings. This launcher also provides fast access to Sharp's innovative Synappx™ application that helps to remove frustrations and tech related hassles to bring simply smarter meetings into the workplace. Synappx enables quick and engaging video conferences, especially with the optional PN-ZCMS1 AV Soundbar.

See Every Little Detail

To ensure that groups can collaborate more effectively in corporate environments everything needs to be displayed clearly and precisely. It helps people absorb information more easily, so they stay focused and engaged and can contribute more proactively. The PN-L2B AQUOS BOARD range of large format interactive displays is available with a choice of 86" class (85.6" diagonal), 75" class (74.5" diagonal), and 65" class (64.5" diagonal) screen sizes to suit almost any office environment, boardroom or meeting room.

It also delivers a true 4K reading and writing experience as it features a 3840 x 2160 Ultra High Definition (UHD) 4K resolution display and touchscreen. The LCD technology delivers high contrast and visual clarity, ensuing that even the most detailed presentations, documents and diagrams can be easily viewed and read. So it is ideal for exploring very detailed data and technical designs, particularly within businesses operating in the finance, engineering, architecture, healthcare, consulting, energy and retail markets.

All the flexibility you need

The ability to adapt to changing requirements quickly and effectively is essential to ensuring that businesses always operate with maximum productivity and efficiency.
  • This product is heavy and/or oversized and may need more than one person to handle.