Lenovo ServicePac - Server - Extended service agreement - parts and labor - 3 years - on-site - for BladeCenter 8677, TL 8267



    Businesses today are increasingly dependent on information technology. But if your systems aren't running at maximum efficiency, the entire organization's productivity can be affected. And with the rapid evolution and complexity of today's computing environment, the need for responsive support of all kinds is greater than ever. To help maximize your technology investment, businesses need to have access to a wide variety of specialized support resources. IBM has responded to this need by developing the IBM ServicePack family of service offerings. These services provide a convenient and affordable way for business of all sizes to have access to the range of hardware maintenance services available from IBM. One example is the service, which gives you an extended care package for your maintenance needs, fast, high quality services and no worries about future costs. Supported systems: Netfinity 3000 (8476 Models 10U/11U, 15U, 16U, 20U, 21U, 30U, 31U, 40U, 41U, 50U, 51U, 60U, 61U), SE315 (8638 Models PJO, PSO, PSV, PSW, PTO), SE310 (8639 Models 0D0, 0DT, 0E0, 0E4, 0E5, 0E6, 0EV, 0XT, 0Z0, 0ZT, 1RY, 2RY, 8S0, ES0, ESV, MXT, PB0, PS0, PT0, PTW, RB0, RS0), Netfinity 3500 (8644 Models 10U, 20U, 21U, 30U, NCP, NCS).
    • 3 Year service duration to ensure maximum productivity and deliver timely results
    • On-site support provides fast and easy approach to solve the issues
    • Electronic and Physical service sub type for your convenience and ease of operation
    • Parts and labor service characteristics help minimize inventory costs with maximum dependability
    • Helps you make an intelligent investment decision regarding the future of your equipment