Ergodyne Squids 3420 Swiveling Dual-ClipGlove Holders, 5-1/2", Red, Set Of 6 Holders



    Keep important gear like gloves, mittens, flashlights and keys close by utilizing the Ergodyne Squids 3420 Swiveling Dual-Clip Glove Holder. The swivel design keeps your gear from getting tangled, and the dual clips secure your items to your belt to reduce drops.

    • Designed to keep important gear like gloves, mittens, keys, towels and PPE close when you need them.
    • Helps to prevent dropped objects, injuries and lost gear.
    • Made from resilient acetal copolymer and thermoplastic polyurethane materials for durability, non-conductive qualities and temperature resistance.
    • Dual clips can connect to your clothing, belt loops, tool belts, D-rings and other items.
    • Swiveling design works to prevent your gear from getting tangled.
    • Breakaway design offers an additional layer of protection against injury.
    • Attractive red color.