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AccuBanker AB610 Medium Duty Coin Counter, 11”H x 8-3/4”W x 20-1/5”D, Gray



Keep track of incoming revenue with an AccuBanker AB610 Medium Duty Coin Counter. This powerful currency counter is equipped with an adjustable diameter and thickness setting to accommodate virtually any coin or token.

  • Accepts coins and a wide variety of tokens.
  • Facilitates counting, packaging and bagging coins or tokens.
  • Counts up to 2,000 coins per minute.
  • Adjustable thickness and diameter range (diameter range of 14 - 34 mm, thickness range of 1.0 - 3.4 mm).
  • Money counter internal hopper holds 1,500 coins while the external hopper holds an additional 2,500 coins (based on dimes).
  • Lateral ejection tube and tray?sorts larger coins from smaller ones.
  • Memory feature automatically saves totals for separate batches of coins.
  • Dual rotating plates rotate in opposite directions to help prevent jamming errors.
  • Equipped with batching options, an auto-stop function and an anti-jamming function.
  • Easy-to-read LED display.
  • Compact and portable with a built-in handle for easy transportation.
  • NOM certified.
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