Laptop to Server KVM Console - Rugged USB Crash Cart Adapter with File Transfer and Video Capture



    Use this USB crash-cart adapter to turn your laptop into a portable KVM console for accessing servers, ATMs and kiosks with file transfer and video capture. This rugged and portable USB crash cart adapter lets you turn your laptop into a portable console for accessing servers, desktops and laptops, as well as ATMs, kiosks or any computing device that features both VGA and USB ports. This adapter also supports local file transfer and video capturing built into the software. This crash cart adapter has been specifically designed for maximum durability. It features a rugged, rubberized housing that can handle drops by absorbing shock, to make sure that you're equipped for unexpected challenges. Troubleshoot your devices quickly and easily. Simply connect the crash cart adapter to your laptop using the included USB cable, then connect the integrated USB and VGA cables to your server. The crash cart adapter features a flexible software interface that offers robust performance. It enables you to transfer files from your laptop to the server, monitor and capture activity from the connected device as video for records or instructional purposes, and take screenshots and scale the display window to full-screen mode or smaller, without scroll bars. This compact crash cart adapter lets you connect to a headless device using only a laptop, eliminating the need to lug around an awkward, traditional server room crash cart. With optimal portability in mind for your mobile administration or repairs, this pocket-sized adapter features a small footprint and lightweight design that easily fits inside your laptop bag. The adapter is USB powered so you won't need to carry a power adapter. Plus, the KVM cables are attached to the crash cart adapter so you won't need additional accessories to connect it to your server. The built-in cables have been engineered with strain relief, preventing them from wearing or breaking. With no server-side software installation required, the USB crash cart adapter provides BIOS-level control of any PC or device that has both a VGA port and a USB port.
    • THE IT PRO'S CHOICE: Designed and built for IT Professionals, this USB crash-cart adapter is backed for 2-Years, including free lifetime 24/5 multi-lingual technical assistance
    • RUGGED HOUSING: To ensure a durable performance, this laptop / computer to KVM console features a rubberized housing which absorbs shocks when being dropped; Ideal for applications in your server room or datacenter
    • VIDEO CAPTURE: For added convenience, this versatile crash cart KVM adapter supports file sharing and video capture between your laptop and the connected server
    • SPECS: LED indicators for USB, video, and console link; Supports resolutions up to 1920x1200; 1 x 15in (38,5cm) USB host cable, 1 x 11in (29,0cm) VGA host cable, 1 x 6ft (1.8m) USB Console cable; TAA Complaint
    • SMALL FOOTPRINT: Use this USB crash cart adapter to turn your laptop into a portable KVM console for accessing servers, ATMs and kiosks with file transfer and video capture; It has a small footprint with built-in KVM cables and USB power