Google Nest Video Door Bell - Wired - 10 ft - Wireless LAN - Ivy

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    Know who's knocking.

    Two Nest Doorbells. So many benefits. Now available in wired or battery options.

    Your first step towards peace of mind.

    Understand who, or what, is there | Greet visitors, whether you're home or not | The Google Home app. Designed for simplicity | Mindfully made to fit in | Leave your worries at the door.

    Two Nest Doorbells. See which is best for you | Nest Doorbell (wired)

    The 5.1-inch wired doorbell gives you the extra benefit of always-on power.

    Nest Doorbell (battery)

    The 6.3-inch battery-powered doorbell is made to fit any home with easy, wire-free installation.

    Included intelligent alerts | Understand who, or what, is there.

    Get alerts for different types of events, and set Activity Zones to notify you about specific areas.

    Know if a person is at the door.

    Intelligent alerts help Nest Doorbells understand if a person is within view. And with a Nest Aware subscription, you can get additional notifications for familiar faces.

    Find out when a package arrives.

    With package alerts built in, you'll get notified whenever a delivery comes into view on your Nest Doorbell.

    And when animals or vehicles come into view.

    Intelligent alerts can also let you know if there's an animal or vehicle in view, so that you can decide to act or ignore.

    Video and audio | Greet visitors, whether you're home or not | Talk and listen from anywhere.

    Use your phone or smart display to chat through the doorbell. Let a friend know that you're on your way, or tell a delivery person where to leave a package.

    See the full picture, from head to toe.

    Unlike other video doorbells, Nest Doorbells have a taller, 145° diagonal view. This means you can see people in full, and deliveries left on the ground stay within view.

    Get a clear view, day or night.

    The Nest Doorbells give you a sharp, vivid view of your front doorstep. HDR helps you spot the details, rain or shine, while night vision helps you see in the dark.

    Go back in time with included video history.

    If you miss a notification, you can go back and see what happened. Nest Doorbells come with 3 hours of video history included. And if your Wi-Fi goes down, your doorbell will still record for one hour.

    Nonstop video - only with the wired Nest Doorbell.

    Since the wired Nest Doorbell is powered by your house, you can check in 24/7 without having to recharge any batteries. Get continuous video recording for up to 10 days with a Nest Aware subscription.

    The Google Home app | Designed for simplicity | Manage your doorbell and thousands of devices in one app | Set routines across your smart home.

    ? When the doorbell rings after sunset, turn on the porch light automatically.

      $161.99 Sale
      Reg. $179.99(You save $18.00)
      After instant savings. Exp 07/06/24.