2x2in Open Slot Wiring Cable Raceway Duct, Server Rack Cable Management, PVC Cable Cover, Cord Hider / Organizer, TAA - Open slot cable raceway ideal for cable management - Cable cover features a snap-lid for easy cable access



    Keep your cables neat and organized. This two-piece plastic wiring duct provides a protective channel for cables, letting you route cables more neatly and in turn prevent the mess and confusion of tangled cables. The duct/raceway can be screwmounted, and features parallel openings along the length of the duct and a snap-lid design that provides easy access to cables while maintaining a tidy, organized appearance.
    • THE IT PRO'S CHOICE: Designed and built for IT Professionals, this TAA compliant PVC cable manager is backed for 2 years, including free lifetime 24/5 multi-lingual technical assistance
    • BUILT TO LAST: Constructed with PVC plastic material, this wire cord hider duct is warp-proof and self-extinguishing, making it an ideal solution for your network rack and server room applications
    • EASY INSTALLATION: This finger duct raceway can be screwmounted to a wall, floor, ceiling, desk or closet for easy installation; Quickly extend the total length of this protective channel for wire cables by adding extra units
    • ELIMINATE WIRE CLUTTER: This cable cover / organizer features parallel openings along the length of the duct and a snap-lid to provide easy access to cables and give a tidy appearance
    • CUSTOMIZE YOUR CABLE MANAGEMENT: Designed with parallel openings on both sides, this 2x2in (5x5cm) / 5.6ft (1.7m) long open slot cable raceway facilitates customization for all your cable management needs