Community Coffee Arabica Single-Serve Coffee Packets, Chicory, Medium Dark Roast, Carton Of 20



    Quickly brew up a tasty and robust pot of coffee. These packs are portioned out, so you can simply pour them into your drip-style coffee maker's filter and start brewing.

    • Made from 100% premium Arabica beans.
    • Designed to work in drip-style coffee makers.
    • Makes 10 to 12 cups per pack.
    • Enjoy a longstanding New Orleans tradition. Popularized in France, our high-quality roasted chicory is sweet and flavorful. We then blend it with rich, roasted coffee to create the right balance of sweetness, spice and body when brewed. Experience it in the traditional "cafe au lait" style by adding steamed milk and sugar.
    • A medium-dark roast New Orleans style coffee blended with roasted chicory
    • Twenty (20) 3 oz packs of medium-dark roast Arabica coffee
    • Made with 100% select Arabica coffee beans
    • Perfect for offices, businesses, and food service operations
    • We believe it is important to do more than make great coffee. By supporting and giving back to local communities, every cup makes a difference to the people and places that make us Community Coffee.