Bare Ground Granular Ice Melt, Premium Blend, With Infused Traction Granules, 40 lb Box



Keep your home or office exterior safe for traveling during the winter months with the help of this de-icer. The granules are specially formulated to melt snow and ice at temperatures as low as -20°.

  • Spread on snow and ice to promote melting to clear driveways, walks and steps.
  • Formulated to work at temperatures as low as -20°F.
  • Coated with corrosion-inhibiting Bare Ground Mag Plus liquid de-icer to work quickly and more effectively.
  • Calcium Chloride-infused traction granules crush to dust over time to promote safer walking over snow and ice with no messy cleanup in the spring.
  • Box features carry slots on the side for easy transport. Plastic bag lining inside the box helps prevent spills and leaks.