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Avery® UltraDuty SDS Binder Bundle, 8 1/2" x 11", Yellow, Red



    Get everything you need to keep your facility's safety data sheets safe with this UltraDuty SDS Binder Bundle with 3" Durable Poly Binder with Chain, plastic dividers and sheet protectors. This simple kit features a 3" SDS binder with a 36" long chain, preprinted A-Z dividers made of heavy-duty plastic and 25 sheet protectors with secure flaps. Designed to withstand constant use and the harshest of conditions, the industrial-grade binder is built with a durable and flexible plastic that can endure damage from water, abrasion and chemicals such as heptane, isopropyl alcohol cleaner, sodium hydroxide and more. Front and back covers are also wider than those of traditional binders to cover divider tabs and sheet protectors. The 36" long chain efficiently keeps SDS available and in one spot. Metal chain features clasps that hook into a reinforced hole in the binder spine so that the binder rings and locking mechanism do not get damaged over time. The 3" slanted binder rings can hold 735 sheets of standard, 8-1/2" x 11" paper. Strong, elastic strap-and-hook closure secures contents.

    More from the Manufacturer

    • 25 sheet protectors are included with flaps over the top edges that keep your safety data sheets secure
    • The 36 inch long chain locks into the binder with a clasp through a reinforced hole in the binder spine
    • Tough yet flexible SDS poly binder is made with a durable plastic that is resistant to water, abrasion and chemicals
    • A-Z plastic dividers are made with a heavy-duty material and make it easy to organize
    • Slanted 3" binder rings have a 735-sheet capacity
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