Belkin Power Bank



    • Specs:. 73mm / 2.9in 156mm / 6.1in 17mm / 0.7in Weight: 245g / 0.5lb Each cable length: 128mm / 5in 
    • Enjoy an Extra 31 Hours on Your Phone. 10,000 mAh of power will keep an iPhone 11 running up to 31** additional hours so you’re never without your phone when you need it.
    • LED Light. The LED indicator light shows the power bank’s battery status so you know when it needs to recharge.
    • Charge On-the-go Without Extra Cables. This 10K power bank comes with its own integrated cables, so you never have to remember to bring your own again. Charge your smartphones and tablets on-the-go with attached Lightning and USB-C cables, and enjoy pass through charging* that lets you charge your device and recharge the power bank at the same time.
    • At a Glance. 10,000 mAh of powerful charging Integrated LTG and USB-C cables 18W USB-C input/output charging port LED light indicator 2-year warranty and $2,500 CEW  Package Includes: BOOST↑CHARGE™ Plus 10K USB-C Power Bank with Integrated Cables 
    • Carries Its Own Cables. Integrated Lightning and USB-C cables are attached to the portable charger so you never have to remember to carry them again. Charge two devices at once with a combined 23W of power, or use pass through charging to charge one device at 18W while the power bank recharges at the same time.