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Z-Edge U24C 24" R2800 FHD Curved Monitor, FreeSync



    Designed with a curved display, this HD monitor is great for immersing you in games or movies. The wide viewing angle of the curved monitor makes it a great choice when more than 1 person needs to see the screen. The FreeSync monitor utilizes adaptive sync technology to help eliminate stutter and screen tearing, leaving only beautiful picture and video quality.

    • FHD 1080p resolution and flicker-free, low blue light technology helps create an easy viewing experience while helping to eliminate eye strain.
    • Curved design and a VA panel that delivers a 178° panoramic viewing angle to help everyone get a nice view of the screen.
    • FreeSync with adaptive sync technology to help reduce screen tearing, stutter and input latency.
    • 3-sided, frameless design to help you see the edge of the screen.
    • 75 Hz refresh rate and a 5 ms response time help reduce blurring, stuttering and ghosting.
    • VGA and HDMI™ inputs for simple source connections.
    • 2 built-in speakers and a headphone jack to provide great audio quality.
    • Stand is able to be tilted to face where it is needed.
    • Backed by the manufacturer's 1-year limited warranty.
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