Floortex® BioPlus Eco-Friendly Carbon Neutral Chair Mat for Low / Medium Pile Carpets up to 1/2" thick, 45" x 53", Clear

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Ecotex Marlon BioPlus Polycarbonate Chair Mats provide the ultimate in quality, function and durability. Produced using a “Mass Balancing bio-circular” process with both the resin and chair mat manufacture ISCC certified. (International Sustainability & Carbon Certification). Twice the impact strength of PVC, the perfectly flat and rigid material provides an ergonomic easy glide surface for caster based chairs, which can reduce leg fatigue and lower back strain. Free from Phthalates, PVC and toxic chemicals.

  • Manufactured from Marlon BioPlus Polycarbonate for premium performance and durability.
  • Produced using 100% renewable energy with an 84% reduction in carbon emissions and using 71% non-fossil based bio-circular material.
  • Double the impact strength of PVC — BioPlus polycarbonate provides excellent long term protection for low to medium pile carpets from wear and permanent damage caused by chair casters.
  • Provides an ergonomic easy glide surface for smooth movement of caster based chairs, to help reduce leg and lower back fatigue.
  • Will not to sink, crack, curl, cup, discolor or smell under normal use and correct application.
  • High clarity BioPlus formulation allows the beauty of your flooring to shine through.
  • Lies instantly flat from delivery for immediate and effective use. No need to wait for the mat to flatten.
  • Compatible with under floor heating systems.
  • Free from Phthalates, tin, lead and cadmium.
  • Child and pet safe.
  • Gripper back offers use on low and standard pile carpets up to 1/2” thick.
  • Backed by the manufacturer's lifetime limited warranty.
$156.59 Sale
Reg. $159.99(You save $3.40)
After instant savings. Exp 03/30/24.