Pilot FriXion Synergy Clicker Erasable Gel Pen, Extra Fine Point, 0.5mm, Black Barrel, Purple Ink, Single Pen



FriXion Synergy Clicker erasable pens let you write, erase, re-write and create clean and polished documents without damage or messy eraser residue. Whether you're taking notes, making lists or illustrating designs, these innovative pens are ideal for students, teachers and professionals alike. The 0.5 mm point size delivers a finer and more precise writing style perfect for editing, calendars and jotting notes in planners. It enables you to create intricate details, write in smaller spaces, and achieve a higher level of accuracy.

  • Write, erase and rewrite repeatedly without damaging documents
  • Innovative and patented Synergy Tip design for detail, durability, and incredibly smooth writing
  • Unique, thermo-sensitive gel ink formula disappears completely with erasing friction
  • Professional Black barrel, refillable and Retractable
  • Extra Fine Point (0.5mm) for detailed work and precision writing
  • Purple gel ink offers a fun look.
  • Refillable — designed to be used repeatedly, helping you avoid single-use disposables and potentially save money.