Nadex Coins Color-Coded Sort and Wrap Set with 350 Coin Wrappers - Durable - Multi



    The Bundle includes Four Coin Sorting Trays, Four Easy Wrap Coin Tubes and 352 Coin Wrappers. 88 Each of Quarter, Nickel, Dime and Penny Wrappers Both Coin Trays and Coin Tubes are Color-Coded to conform to Federal Reserve/ABA standards for coin denominations; Red(Pennies) Blue(Nickels) Green(Dimes) and Quarters(Orange) To sort the coins, just pour your coins into the top tray and shake! Then quickly count and transfer coins into coin wrappers Our engineering team used high quality materials to ensure durability/reliability Guarantee - We want you to love this. If you are not 100% satisfied, please return for a 100% hassle free refund, even used. Save time and increase productivity with Nadex Branded Products Includes a Lifetime Guarantee

    • Enable easy rolling of coins by hands, thus eliminating the need for the sorting machine
    • Durable feature provides a hassle-free and easy packing solution