Floortex® Desktex® Anti-Static Vinyl Desk Pads, 19" x 24", Clear, Pack of 4



Protect your desktop from damage with Floortex Desktex Anti-Static Vinyl Desk Pads. These durable pads have a lightly embossed surface for smooth mouse movement.

  • Made from durable vinyl for reliable protection from scratches, scuffs, spillage and heat.
  • Anti-static additive helps to protect computer equipment from damage by attracting harmful dust and dissipating static electricity.
  • Lightly embossed top surface enables easy mouse movement and a comfortable writing surface.
  • Heat-resistant up to 104°F.
  • Ergonomic low-profile design helps to reduce wrist strain.
  • Will not split, dent, curl, discolor or smell under normal use.
  • Anti-static ingredient will not wash off or wear away so is effective 24/7 for the life of the product.
  • Free from Phthalates, tin, lead and cadmium.
  • Child and pet safe.
  • Rectangular: Size: 19" x 24"- Pack of 4. 1 Year Limited Warranty
  • Contains Recycled Content - See Specs for Details

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