Partners Brand Material Kraft Corrugated Sheets, 30" x 30", Pack Of 20



    Shipping and storage can be hazardous for fragile items — use these tough corrugated sheets to shield them from damage caused by strapping, forklifts and dust. The strong design is ideal for heavy shipments.

    • Manufactured from 200#/ECT-32 corrugated cardboard for strength.
    • Place between pallets to provide an additional layer of protection while distributing weight more evenly.
    • Helps minimize damage caused by strapping and forklifts and prevents the accumulation of dust during extended storage times.
    • Pads help keep tops of products dust free during storage.
    • Great for use as a layering pad on pallets to disperse weight.
    • Sold in bundle quantities.
    • Sheets may be folded to prevent damage during shipment.