Scotch® Box Lock 195 Packing Tape, 1-15/16" x 22-1/4 Yd, Clear



    Scotch® Box Lock™ Packaging Tape sticks instantly to any box! It has the power of extreme grip to ensure boxes stay securely sealed, even during rough handling. Its new advanced adhesive creates a secure seal over box edges, and its thickness and durability reduces splitting and tearing and makes it easier to find the start of the roll.

    • Has the power of extreme grip, giving you confidence your box will stay sealed through rough handling.
    • Designed for better box adhesion.
    • Guaranteed to Stay Sealed (If your box does not stay sealed, 3M will refund the purchase price of this tape. Proof of purchase required. Contact: 1-800-3MHELPS).
    • New advanced adhesive creates a secure seal over box edges & seams.
    • Easy to find the start of the roll.
    • No slivering, splitting or tearing.
    • Crystal clear and clear-to-core.
    • Premium sticking power.
    • Smooth unwind & quiet release.
    • You don't need layers of tape for a secure seal - One strip and it ships!
    • Includes refillable dispenser that delivers a clean cut, and fall-back tabs helps ensure the tape doesn’t fall back on the roll.
    • Strong, durable, solvent-free hot melt adhesive seals and protects.
    • Dependable Scotch™ Brand Quality.