Post-it Super Sticky Notes, 1 7/8 in x 1 7/8 in, 8 Pads, 90 Sheets/Pad, 2x the Sticking Power, Energy Boost Collection



    Uplift your spirits and messages via the vibrant, strong colors of the Energy Boost collection. Whether jotting down your daily to-do's, brainstorming big ideas, studying or setting reminders, colors and ideas are always brighter together. These sticky notes feature 2X the sticking power. They also stick and re-stick - allowing you to move your notes with you throughout your day. They’re ideal for walls, doors, windows and other vertical surfaces, and like all Post-it Notes, they stick securely yet remove cleanly without damage. Keep your ideas across your notebooks, classroom books, calendars or other documents. No tape or tacks are needed with adhesive notes, saving you money and time on office products or school supplies. A great memo pad, these are ideal for using for notes or reminders to yourself or others. Post-it Super Sticky Notes are the perfect solution for shopping lists, reminders, notes on computer screens, time tracking, to-do lists, marking cables, color-coding documents, reminding kids to do chores, storyboarding, scratch paper and agile processing. This pack comes with 8 pads of mini 1 7/8 in. x 1 7/8 in. sticky notes. All pads are 90 sheets. These colorful sticky notes include colors from the Energy Boost collection including orange, green, yellow, purple, blue and pink.

    • EXPERIENCE THE POWER OF 2X STICKINESS: Post-it Super Sticky Notes offer twice the sticking power of basic sticky notes, ensuring they stay put and won't fall off
    • STICK AND RESTICK ANYWHERE: These notes adhere firmly to walls, windows, doors, and other vertical surfaces, allowing you to move your reminders with ease
    • VALUE-PACKED CONVENIENCE: This pack comes with 8 pads of mini 1 7/8 in. x 1 7/8 in. sticky notes that are 90 sheets.
    • VERSATILE AND ESSENTIAL: Post-it Super Sticky Notes are the perfect solution for shopping lists, reminders, to-do lists, color-coding, labeling, family chore reminders, brainstorming, storyboarding, and quick notes
    • VARIOUS SIZES AND SHAPES: Available in different sizes, with or without lines, to cater to your specific needs
    • EYE-CATCHING COLORS: Vibrant and colorful reminders are more likely to grab attention and be noticed
    • INTRODUCING THE ENERGY BOOST COLLECTION: Uplift your spirits and messages via the vibrant colors of Vital Orange, Tropical Pink, Blue Paradise and Limeade from the Energy Boost collection.
    • EXPLORE OUR COLLECTIONS: With 11 color collections, the Post-it Brand offers a wide range of options to suit every style and preference, whether at home, in school, or at the office
    • SUSTAINABILITY: Post-it Super Sticky Notes can be recycled
    • ENHANCE YOUR NOTE-TAKING EXPERIENCE: Download the free Post-it App on your smartphone or tablet to enjoy the simplicity and convenience of Post-it Notes anytime and anywhere
    • 1 7/8 in. x 1 7/8 in., Energy Boost Collection
    • 8 pads per pack, 90 sheets per pad