Corporate Social Responsibility

Office Depot works extensively with an independent, accredited third party audit partner to conduct onsite supplier audits to ensure that our sourcing factories for our own brand products are operating in accordance with our social responsibility, security and environmental standards. Our Social Compliance team actively reviews and approves corrective action plans and, based on an internal grading system, re-audits as necessary. Office Depot takes a zero tolerance stance on certain breaches of our policies and the local laws. Non-compliance by the supplier may result in termination of the partnership.

Office Depot proactively trains its vendors, suppliers and agents on the Corporate Social Compliance Program requirements. Additional training on local laws and regulations are provided as needed. Empowering our partners to do the right thing and to be accountable is a cornerstone to our Corporate Social Responsibility Program.

Supplier Guiding Principles (Code of Conduct)

Office Depot expects its suppliers who produce our own brand products for Office Depot to follow and adhere to our Supplier Guiding Principles. The Supplier Guiding Principles are essentially our supplier code of conduct and represent Office Depot's commitment to source own brand product from suppliers that strive to comply with all applicable laws and regulations. Office Depot endeavors to partner with suppliers who meet internationally recognized standards in dealing with its workers, the environment in which products are made as well as their supply chain operations. Office Depot requires our suppliers to uphold the Office Depot Supplier Guiding Principles as a requirement of doing business with our Company.

To review Office Depot's Supplier Guiding Principles, click here.