Unlock the Power of Marketing Materials For Your Business

November 13, 2023

With so many small businesses vying for the attention of potential customers, it can be difficult to stand apart from the rest. Building brand awareness through eye-catching marketing materials is key to the success of your small business in the local community.

What’s more, running a marketing campaign doesn’t have to be a massive undertaking – it can be as simple as customizing a template brochure to advertise your offering, or sending out flyers in your neighborhood. With the right printing partner, the sky is the limit!

Mailers & Flyers

Both mailers and flyers are ideal marketing materials to use when you want to communicate new information relating to your business – for example, you’ve launched a new product or are running a holiday promotion. Designing captivating flyers that can be handed out at community events is a great way to get your business’ name out there.

When creating your flyer, think carefully about what information you want to include. You need to effectively communicate your brand’s unique value proposition without cluttering the flyer so that customers are excited to find out more but aren’t overwhelmed with information.

Posting mailers in mailboxes in your business’s area can also be an effective way to generate interest in your company – especially if you include a discount code or other incentive on the mailer. Since flyers and mailers are useful for marketing in the run-up to holidays or events, Office Depot OfficeMax offers convenient online ordering and you can even request same-day pick up on orders placed before 2pm. When your printing partner is happy to run a last-minute print of flyers the Friday before Small Business Day, that’s when you know they’re there for you no matter what!


Brochures can present an excellent opportunity to showcase your business’s product or service offering in greater detail. Unlike flyers and mailers, brochures give you a lot more space to work with. Consider including testimonials from previous customers that highlight the product or service features that set your business apart.

Although you’ve got more space to fill, designing a brochure doesn’t need to be intimidating if you start from a template. Office Depot OfficeMax has a partnership with the design program Canva, giving you access to a wide range of templates from which to begin the design process. Try to choose a template that reflects your brand’s aesthetic and will resonate with your target audience.

Remember, consistency across marketing formats is key: you want the color palette, font styles, imagery, and logo to look the same across materials so that you can begin to build a recognizable brand image.

Rack Cards

Rack cards are a particularly useful marketing tool for trade shows and other business showcase events. They’re also great to leave out at other small businesses, particularly those that have waiting rooms. Using sturdy, heavy-weight paper with a glossy finish for your rack card can make a strong impression on potential customers. Office Depot OfficeMax as your printing partner can offer you a wide range of paper and finishes so that you can design a winning combination.


Menus are an often-overlooked marketing opportunity. Although they serve a specific function, they are nevertheless an important medium for representing what your brand is all about. Menus will have a longer-term use than flyers or rack cards, so you’ll want to use heavy-weight paper with a good finish for maximum durability when designing your menu.

Whether you’re a restaurateur or a beauty salon owner, creating a menu with vibrant colors and crisp, vivid imagery will help to draw the attention of potential customers and make browsing your menu a positive experience, so don’t compromise on print quality.

High-Quality Printing To Enhance Your Marketing Materials

Whatever marketing materials you choose to use, know that collaborating with Office Depot OfficeMax to help bring your design to life can make all the difference. Whether there’s an upcoming holiday that presents an unmissable marketing opportunity or a trade show that you’re getting ready for, your printing partner should understand that time is often of the essence without compromising on quality.

Memorable, distinctive marketing materials are as much about their visual appearance as they are about their content. Look for a printing company that will be able to work with your brand vision across a range of formats and can cater to a wide range of marketing needs.