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We’ve never had a back-to-school season like this…and because of that, having the right technology has never been more important. We’ve got low prices all season long on the tech you need to Learn From Anywhere™. From top-brand PCs and Chromebooks to webcams, headphones and routers, get the tools you need to connect, create and collaborate without missing a beat. Keep school going with tech that works whenever, so your students can learn wherever.

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Do all students need electronics for school?
Technology in the classroom is a great benefit to many learning styles and students of all ages. Educational technology provides access to a world of online information, helps kids create interactive projects and use engaging learning software and offers hands-on experience with the technology they'll need to succeed in college and beyond. With many options to keep students informed and entertained, we offer 
technology solutions that are right for every classroom.

Why does my student need a computer or tablet for school?
With a wide variety of
 laptopsdesktopsand tablets kids can take interactive quizzes, watch educational videos and play games that help reinforce a variety of skills. Desktop computers with ample storage and powerful memory are great for running multiple applications simultaneously and maintaining large multimedia libraries, while an all-in-one desktop saves space with a built-in screen and may feature a touch display for simple operation. Students can work independently with lightweight laptops that move freely throughout the classroom or use a huge array of educational apps on a highly portable tablet.

Are calculators helpful for my student for math class?
At some schools, students are encouraged to use a calculator to solve problems. Finding the 
right calculator can be a big boost to get through school assignments. These devices can quickly solve basic math problems with easy-to-use display calculators or tackle complex problems in calculus, physics, trigonometry or geometry with versatile graphic and scientific calculators.