Metal Oxide Thermal CPU Paste Compound Tube - >0.0060 °C/W - Silver



    • THE IT Pro's Choice: Designed and built for IT Professionals, this thermal paste is backed for 2 years, including free lifetime 24/5 multi-lingual technical assistance
    • THERMAL CONDUCTIVITY: Reliable performance in temperatures of -22F to 365F (-30C to 180C) with thermal conductivity of 3.195 W/m-K at 25 C or greater - Ideal for servicing and maintaining desktop workstations and integrated chipsets with a heat sink
    • RESEALABLE: This tube contains 1.5g of paste sufficient for 4-6 applications, in a re-sealable applicator syringe that prevents drying between use - Ideal for Technicians and IT Professionals performing maintenance or servicing
    • SAFETY AND RELIABILITY: This thermal paste is CE and RoHs certified for guaranteed safety and reliability - The compound contains 60% metal oxide and offers better thermal conductivity than standard heat pastes - Best suited for CPUs with TDP of up to 65W
    • THERMAL PASTE: Metal oxide-based compound works with a heat sink to improve heat dissipation from CPUs and GPUs - High thermal conductivity provides increased heat transfer to heat sink - 5 pack (SILV5-THERMAL-PASTE) also available