OttLite® Wellness Series® Pivot LED Desk Lamp, Black



Minimize glare and eye strain with the OttLite Pivot Dual-Shade LED Desk Lamp. Energy-efficient LEDs with ClearSun technology are easy on the eyes and promote highly accurate colors, and the pivoting shades make it easy to get the coverage you want. Adjust the light's brightness and temperature with a tap of your finger, and flex the neck to point the light exactly where it's needed most. Thanks to the slim, sleek design, this lamp won't cramp your style or your workspace.

  • Desk lamp: Provides illumination of your workplace and lets you see clearly and comfortably.
  • Dual pivoting shades: Provide one concentrated or two individual light sources.
  • ClearSun® LED technology: Helps reduce eyestrain when you work.
  • Dimmable brightness levels: You can regulate the LED lamp's brightness using touch controls.
  • Three color temperature modes: Let you choose the right one to suit your environment and mood.
  • Built-in 40-minute timer: Ensures light auto shutoff.
  • High color rendering index: Delivers smooth, uniform light for excellent color accuracy.
  • Powerful, long-lasting light: Energy-efficient LEDs are rated to last up to 40,000 hours.
  • Adjustable height and angle: Enable versatile lamp positioning to illuminate the desired place.
  • Matte finish: Creates a stylish look.
  • Flexible neck: Provides sleek, continuous lines and holds the lam
  • Finished in black.
  • Energy efficient — designed to use less energy than alternative products, potentially helping you save money and reduce your carbon footprint.