Scotch® Expressions Decorative Masking Tape, 1" x 20 Yd., Purple



    Scotch® Masking Tape tears cleanly by hand, making it a mess-free way to decorate, organize, and wrap. This colored tape is writable, perfect for labeling, organizing, and color-coding. It's great for home and classroom décor, DIY projects, scrapbooking, craft storage and more. It removes cleanly without leaving residue, so you can switch things up without worry. Plus, it comes in just the right colors and size to help you create organized, inviting learning spaces and stimulate STEM/STEAM brains with no mess. Try more colors and types of Scotch® Brand Tape for even more creative possibilities.

    • TEARS CLEANLY BY HAND: Scotch® masking tape is a mess-free way to decorate, create, organize and wrap—easily tear by hand or use with your masking tape dispenser for fuss-free projects!
    • WRITABLE: Organize with ease. This Scotch® colored masking tape is ideal to help you label, organize and color-code. Bye-bye, clutter and confusion! Whether writing directly on the tape to label, or using the fun colors to create borders and specialized areas, the quality of Scotch™ Brand won't let you down
    • GREAT FOR: Labeling, organizing, color-coding, home décor and DIY, classroom décor and organization, craft projects and craft storage, scrapbooking, journalling, gift wrapping, STEM projects, card making,etc
    • NO RESIDUE: You can always trust the quality of Scotch Brand to remove cleanly without leaving any sticky, messy residue behind, so go ahead and DIY your home or classroom--and when you're ready to change it up, you don't have to worry about surface damage
    • CREATE ORGANIZED, INVITING LEARNING SPACES: scotch masking tape comes in just the right colors and size to help you label, organize and color-code the classroom. Add to your back to school supplies list or teacher appreciation baskets
    • STIMULATE STEM/STEAM BRAINS WITH NO MESS: Let imagination take flight with the easy-to-use, clean-tear-by-hand nature of Scotch® masking tape 1 inch. The open-ended versatility of Scotch® Masking tape makes it perfect for creating, decorating, and building, and the bright colors add even more fun!
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    • HOW TO APPLY 3m masking tape: 1-Make sure your surface* is clean (free of dirt, dust or other debris) and dry. 2-Peel the desired length and place. For the longest-lasting stick, avoid touching the sticky side of the tape as much as possible. *While Scotch(R) Masking Tape is initially repositionable on most surfaces, some may be more delicate than others. It is always a good idea to first test decorative tapes on delicate surfaces. Just place a small amount in an inconspicuous area for a minimum of two weeks to make sure it removes cleanly and without damaging your surface. Remember--the longer you leave tape on a surface, the tougher it may be to remove cleanly. Always use good judgement and don't apply tapes to high-value, delicate items
    • HOW TO REMOVE 1-Lift the end of the piece of tape you are removing 2-Peel directly backwards (avoid pulling up), moving very slowly, until all tape is removed. Remember--the longer you leave tape on a surface, the tougher it may be to remove cleanly. Be patient and never try to rip the tape off quickly
    • Purple color offers a fun look.