ENHANCE Attack - Sound bar - for PC - 20 Watt - glossy black



    • Delivers impressively clear and room-filling audio. The ATTACK gaming PC speaker boasts sound bar styling that has been tailored to upgrade standard and low-powered built-in speakers. Full-range 50mm stereo drivers generate 40W of peak audio power to bring your games and media to roaring life. With two wired 3.5mm AUX audio inputs on the back of the sound bar, you won't need to unplug your PC to play audio from a second device, like your phone or tablet. An easy-to-access input switch button keeps you in control when switching from PC gaming audio to your phone's music playlist.
    • Under-monitor gaming sound bar. The ENHANCE Attack is a sleek soundbar speaker with a glossy finish that will perfectly complement your PC gaming setup. Thanks to its low-profile design, the ENHANCE gaming computer speaker can be tucked directly under your monitor screen to take advantage of the unused space. This frees up the room to the left and right of your monitor, which would normally be claimed by traditional two-piece speakers; this extra desk space now offers perfect placement for your headset stand or mouse bungee. With a simple installation that only requires an AC plug and 3.5mm AUX audio cable to your computer, this ultra-compact stereo gaming sound bar is the perfect alternative to the clutter of traditional speakers.
    • Vibrant LED accent lights to match your rig's lighting. LED lights shine below the ENHANCE Attack speaker to complement the rest of your gaming hardware. You can choose between three static color presets (blue, red, green) or three dynamic lighting modes (flash, strobe, breathe). No complicated software is needed; the speaker's side control panel includes an LED switch button to cycle through the six different presets. With your preferred LED mode, you will be able to complete the look and feel that your gaming rig deserves.