Choosing the Best Planner for 2024

November 20, 2023

A new year brings new plans. Among traditional resolutions — losing weight, being kinder, reading more — people often vow to be more organized. This year, make it stick with a new planner or calendar.

Planners come in all shapes and sizes to fit your professional and personal lifestyle. Think about the kind of organizer that suits you.

One of the biggest considerations is how much of your life you want to see on the page simultaneously. Do you have your days planned down to the hour? Look for a daily planner featuring an hourly appointment layout. Are you a busy person who books lunches with friends several weeks ahead? If so, then a monthly planner might be good for you.

Planners also come in custom versions dedicated to specific users. For example, the months in academic planners usually follow a school schedule rather than a calendar year.

Expandability and adaptability are important in an organization tool. Whether you’re looking for a business planner or personal organizer, TUL discbound planners are a fantastic solution for busy people who are always moving things around. Their clever openable discs allow you to insert and remove pages anywhere in your planner to make it fit your lifestyle, and they come in multiple sizes to accommodate the pages you need. You can customize your TUL discbound planner to accommodate your schedule whether you’re planning by day, week, or month.

Another customizable discbound planner brand is Happy Planner. This planner system comes in various sizes, layouts, and fun themes designed to bring creativity to your daily planning. Check out Happy Planner accessories, including extension packs and filler paper with different layouts and graphics.

The Emily Ley Simplified planner is a beautifully designed, female-focused organizer available in a range of options but emphasizing simplicity and style. Blue Sky planners also come in a range of stylish finishes. You can even complement them with assorted calendar sheets that can be downloaded from the Blue Sky website to match your style.

If you’re constantly fielding schedule queries from clients and co-workers and want your monthly calendar accessible, a desk calendar might be a better choice. It provides all the visibility of AT-A-GLANCE planners with ample room for jotting down reminders, and you won’t have to open anything on your desk to access your schedule.

Not all plans stay fixed, though, especially for fast-moving office teams or busy families. For plans that change faster than the weather, dry-erase calendars provide a wall-based reference for everyone to see and change.

With a wide range of planners to suit your activities and lifestyle and expandability options covering everything from habit trackers to journal pages, this year can mean you have a neat, compact place for everything. A well-planned life is a productive life. Make this year your most productive ever!

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