Home Office Ideas to Store or Hide Your Printer

November 20, 2021

In your home office, fewer tools likely see more usage than your printer. Whether you need to print important documents for work or use a printer for photos to produce high-quality images for a presentation, your printer plays an important role. An all-in-one printer can provide you with a variety of office functions that can help simplify your work life and is an essential component of any home office.

However, printers can also be a bit bulky and detract from the sleek, simplified look of the rest of the office space. We’ll walk you through how to store or hide away your printer in a way that still makes it accessible but doesn’t detract from the look of your space. Keep reading for some strategies that you can use in your home office.


Creating a Neat and Simple Look in Your Home Office

When your home office is neat and simplified, it may be easier to keep yourself organized. Knowing where everything goes in the office can help you properly store all your different files, folders, books, and documents. When you don’t have to look at any clutter or sort through different drawers to find a particular document, you can spend more time accomplishing work and remaining focused.

That’s why it’s important to keep your printer out of the way — preventing it from being a large, bulky item in the middle of the room or taking up excessive space on your desk. Here’s how to accomplish this.


Furniture Ideas to Store or Hide Your Printer

Printers come in a variety of shapes and sizes. Depending on your needs, you might find that Canon printersEpson printersBrother printers, or HP printers best fit your personal office needs. As you look at the different printer options, you can also consider the size and shape of the printer and how you want to store it. Consider these different storage options to see which ones are appropriate for your space and how it fits with your printer needs.


Conceal It Under Your Desk

Your first option is to try to conceal the printer under your desk. Certain desk designs offer storage options like a shelf under the desk. These convenient shelves can keep the printer in a convenient space that’s also out of the way so you can sit comfortably at the desk. Keeping the printer down there also allows the desk surface to remain clear so you can maintain the sleek appearance of the furniture while still having the printer within reach while you work.

If you want to increase the storage space around your desk — and perhaps give yourself additional storage options for your printer — you may also want to look at a desk with a hutch. This can help you keep your most important office supplies closest to you throughout the workday.

These desk arrangements work well for people who need to have their printers within reach throughout the day.

Place It Within a Bookshelf 

bookcase can add personality to your home office space and help keep you organized if you have books, office supplies, and even plants or decor. It’s also a great place to put your printer. And depending on where your desk is, you can put the bookcase nearby for easy access.

If you have particularly wide or deep bookshelves, too, you can even conceal your printer if it’s not particularly attractive. Wedge it between books or place some plants in front of the printer to keep it hidden away until you need it.

This option is great if you want to reach your printer easily but don’t use it so much that you need to have it within arm’s length at all times.

Put It in a Rolling Filing Cabinet 

file cabinet can also be a convenient storage space for your printer. Rolling filing cabinets, in particular, have pretty deep cabinets that can fit a smaller-sized printer and a flat surface on top where you can try to place a larger printer. The best part is that a rolling filing cabinet is mobile, so you can move it where you need it.

For example, if you know you’ll be printing multiple documents throughout the day, you can roll the cabinet over closer to the desk, so you don’t have to keep getting up to print something. Then, you can put it back in a corner when you’re done.

You can even store your printer in a stationery filing cabinet and close the drawer so that it remains hidden and out of the way whenever you don’t need it. However, you can make your selection based on how frequently you’ll need the printer.

Put It on a Wall Shelf

Another excellent storage space for your printer is a wall shelf. A wall shelf can help you get your printer out of the way — while also allowing you to decide on the number of shelves you want and the right height to use your printer comfortably. You can even use the shelf to hold other decorations, accessories, or office supplies, giving yourself more storage. And since a wall shelf doesn’t typically take up as much space like a bookshelf, it can be a good choice for those with smaller home offices.

This option, similar to the bookshelf, works well for those needing an accessible printer but who may not require it to be within arm’s reach at all times.

Place It Inside a Storage Cabinet

storage cabinet typically provides much more storage space for home offices than other options, allowing you to easily store and conceal your printer and other office necessities. Depending on the size of the cabinet you select, too, you may find that you have room to store a variety of different office accessories, such as headphones, extra paper, files, folders, and books.

The great thing about a storage cabinet is that you can close the door when you’ve finished using the printer. This means you can hide away any mess and create a more cohesive look to the room. Storage cabinets also come in various sizes and have different shelving options, so you can customize them to your home office and your own height.

This option works best for those who need ample storage space but don’t necessarily need their printer every day.

Creatively Cover It With Vinyl Paper

In addition to the practical storage options described above, you can also conceal your printer with a bit of creativity. For example, if you have some vinyl or colored poster board, you might consider creating a type of printer cover that can help hide your printer within the room. Although your printer will still take up space, this creative decoration can help your room feel more cohesive by helping your printer blend in a bit more.

This option works best for those with enough room for the printer but is more concerned with the overall appearance of the office space.

Keep Your Home Office Furniture Updated

When it comes to working from home, the right furniture for your office can make all the difference. Whether you want a cabinet that offers ample storage space while also providing a hiding place for your printer or an ergonomic desk chair to help support your body throughout a long workday, updating your home office furniture can help you to work confidently in a space that fits your needs.

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