Mind Reader 9-to-5 Collection Swivel Office Chair with Wheels, Plastic/Mesh, Black



    Designed for mobility and comfort, this desk chair with casters and swivel function is a perfect addition to your work, study, or internet surfing sessions. Its rolling wheels make it easy to move the chair around your workspace or to a different room. The chair combines durability and lightness with a strong stainless steel base and a breathable mesh back. This versatile chair can comfortably and safely support up to 250 lbs (113.4 kilograms).

    • Adjustable height: Easy to reach, improved lever allows you to adjust the height of the chair from 33 to 37 inches (83.82 to 93.98 cm). Keep up the momentum of a busy workday as you effortlessly glide from your desk to your phone on smooth-rolling wheels
    • Padded seat provides comfort: Say goodbye to discomfort and fatigue with a supportive seat that features a cushioned design, providing optimal comfort during long hours of sitting
    • Ergonomic design assists with posture: Maintaining good posture is a breeze in this chair designed to provide excellent back support, helping you relieve strain and promote proper spinal alignment
    • Adjustable lumbar support offers customization: Customize your seating experience with the adjustable lumbar support feature. Simply adjust the knob to find the perfect level of support for your unique needs
    • Dimensions: Perfect for any size office or room, the office chair measures 22.5 inches long x 22.5 inches wide x 33 to 37 inches high (83.82 to 93.98 cm) and weighs 9.12 lbs (4.13 kilograms), ensuring versatility and easy placement