APC by Schneider Electric Thermal Containment Blanking Panel, 42-48U SX / 42U VX, 300mm - 42U Rack Height - 1.3" Height - 11.9" Width - 91.1" Depth



    • Modular design. Modular design provides scalable solutions to add cooling as demand increases.
    • One-way locking door. It secures the hot aisle while allowing for quick exit in case of emergency.
    • EcoLEDgy driven lighting. It integrated high efficiency LED lighting with on/off motion sensors.
    • Over aisle access. Tooless removal of individual panels to allow access above the aisle for cabling and maintenance.
    • Efficiency. It increases the capacity of the air conditioner by supplying a warmer return air temperature.
    • Ceiling tiles. It closes off the top of the aisle to prevent mixing of the hot and cold airstreams in the IT environment.
    • Scalable densities. It allows for higher densities to be achieved by integrating containment with room, row and rack cooling system architectures.
    • Safe slide doors. Emergency break away sliding door enables quick exit in the event of an emergency.
    • Active airflow control. Monitors and actively adjust cooling unit airflow in containment systems, while providing visibility to effective cooling to critical IT equipment.
    • Fire safe system. Alerts personnel and drops ceiling panels based on temperature to enable fire suppressions system in the room to extinguish the fire.