Glad® Medium Quick-Tie Trash Bags - OdorShield® 8 Gallon White Trash Bag, Febreze Fresh Clean - 26 Count



Use the Glad Quick-Tie Trash Bags to make your classroom, office, kitchen or restaurant smell fresh and clean. These trash bags are strong and resistant to tears with a quick-tie design that allows you to swiftly and easily close the bags when they're full.

  • Sturdy plastic construction prevents rips and tears during transportation.
  • Integrated Febreeze helps keep homes and workplaces smelling fresh and clean.
  • Quick-tie design allows you to easily close and secure trash bags.
  • Ideal for use in schools, offices, restaurants, offices and more.
  • 8 GALLON PLASTIC TRASH BAGS: Handle daily household and everyday demands with Glad's medium sized 8 gallon garbage bag
  • NEUTRALIZE ODOR: OdorShield technology works to trap and lock odors with neutralizing power – eliminate smells in the kitchen and around the house with OdorShield trash bags great for baby diaper and cat litter disposal
  • GARBAGE CAN LINER: Glad 8 gallon trash can liners are ideal for medium trash cans general household needs and are just the right size for cars and on-the-go travel
  • QUICK-TIE TRASH BAG: Featuring four quick-tie flaps easily secure tighten and carry the medium garbage bag with the strong and durable quick-tie closure
  • CLEANING MADE EASY: Confidently clean with Glad's plastic trash bags constructed with thicker plastic at the bottom to ensure leak protection