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Paper Trimmers

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Formax Cut-True 29A Automatic Electric Guillotine Paper Cutter With LED Laser Line, 20-1/2", Gray
X-Acto® Heavy-Duty 15" x 15" Paper Trimmer
Westcott® Multi-Purpose Personal Trimmer, 12" x 4 3/4", Black/Blue
Swingline® ClassicCut® Lite Guillotine Trimmer, 12"
Westcott Trim Air Wood Guillotine Paper Trimmer - Cuts 30Sheet - 18" Cutting Length - 3.5" Height x 14.3" Width x 26.6" Depth - Wood Base, Titanium Blade - Transparent, Walnut
Westcott® Multi-Purpose Guillotine Trimmer, 12", Black/Blue
Westcott® CarboTitanium Guillotine Heavy-Duty Trimmer, 15", Black/Blue
Formax FlashCard Automatic Tabletop Card Cutter, 22", White
Westcott® CarboTitanium Guillotine Heavy-Duty Trimmer, 12", White/Green
Master® Heavy-Duty Stakcut™ Trimmer, 15"
Westcott® Multi-Purpose Personal Trimmer, 12" x 3/12", Black/Blue
Westcott® CarboTitanium Personal Paper Trimmer, 12", White/Green
CARL Heavy-Duty Paper Trimmer, 18", Gray
United Rotary Paper Trimmer, 18", Silver
Westcott® Multi-Purpose Guillotine Trimmer, 6", Black/Blue
Swingline® ClassicCut® Ingento™ Guillotine Trimmer, 15" x 15", Maple
Westcott® Carbo Titanium Personal Paper Trimmer, 12", Green
Fiskars® Bypass Trimmer, 12", Black/Orange
Westcott® CarboTitanium Rotary Trimmer, 12", White/Green
Fiskars® Portable Paper Trimmer, 12", Black
Westcott CarboTitanium Paper Trimmer/Ruler Combo, 8", White/Green
Swingline® ClassicCut 1208P Rotary Trimmer With EdgeGlow, 2"H x 6-11/16"W x 15-3/4"D, Silver
Carl® RT-218 Rotary Paper Trimmer, 18"