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Thinking Kids® Comprehensive Curriculum Of Basic Skills, Grade 4



    With grade-appropriate activities and full-color illustrations, this workbook ensures kids are ready for academic success. Review lessons make it easy to measure progress, and teaching suggestions help you get the most out of each activity.

    • Grade-level-appropriate activities help students master a variety of cross-curriculum skills.
    • Engaging passages maximize information absorption and retention.
    • Review lessons let you evaluate progress, while answer keys make it easy to identify correct and incorrect responses.
    • Teaching suggestions provide a variety of ideas to enrich supplementary instruction or home school curriculum.
    • Full-color illustrations help spark interest.
    • Concepts include reading comprehension, parts of speech, punctuation, spelling, paragraphs, research, multiplication, division, estimating, averaging, fractions, decimals, graphing, geometry and probability.
    • Ideal for students in grade 4.
    • Remote learning from anywhere is easier with the right essentials.
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