Trend® Bingo Game, Alphabet



    Alphabet Bingo for ages 4 and up is a great game to play at home for game night, in a classroom or homeschool setting, and to build school readiness. Players can’t wait to cover the next square and everyone loves the anticipation and excitement of each item called. Until the moment someone says, “BINGO!” … it’s anyone’s game to win!

    • BUILD LANGUAGE SKILLS – TREND Bingo delivers learning and FUN. Alphabet is a great classroom or family Bingo game for ages 4 to adult. The interactive play gets kids excited to find and match each letter pair to those called. Play many rounds to learn uppercase and lowercase letters from A to Z and build valuable pre-reading skills. This isn’t just for children, it’s is also a great activity for language learners of any age to hear letter pronunciation and learn the alphabet in English.
    • SOCIAL SKILLS, LISTENING, AND CONCENTRATION … FOR THE WIN – It’s hard to win just by luck, players need to rely on listening and concentration skills too. Bingo is one of the most fun ways to practice listening, and every player builds valuable concentration skills as they carefully mark their cards. Win or lose, children get real-life experience showing sportsmanship, perseverance, and patience.
    • FLEXIBILITY TO PLAY YOUR WAY – There’s no wrong way to play Bingo! Start with an easier version and work your way to covering the whole card. Exchange cards, switch to a new caller, and play again and again. Every game is full of luck-of-the-lotto so it’s still challenging for older siblings and adults to win, yet eases youngsters into game play and learning the alphabet.
    • LARGE OR SMALL-GROUP PLAY – Bingo doesn’t need a large event or crowd to be fun! Each game includes enough supplies for up to 36 players, but each easily adapts to play with as few as two players. Small groups can decide to have a caller who is also a player or take turns drawing a calling card and reading it or showing it to all players.
    • EACH BINGO GAME CONTAINS – 36 Bingo cards (6½ inches x 9 inches each), 264 red paper Bingo chips, 26 calling cards, a calling mat, and play instructions. All pieces come in a sturdy storage box.
    • ALL AGES CAN PLAY TOGETHER – The answers to young-learner Bingo might seem easy to older kids and adults, but luck-of-the-draw still makes winning a challenge and keeps play exciting for everyone. Older siblings love to help younger kids read their cards and search for a match – the teamwork is priceless!
    • Remote learning from anywhere is easier with the right essentials.