CyberPower RB1290X2 - UPS battery - 2 x battery - lead acid - 9 Ah - for Intelligent LCD BRG1350, BRG1500, CP1350, CP1500, LX1500; Intelligent PFC LCD CP1500



    • Maintenance-free battery fluid. Never requires replacement.
    • Reusable packaging. Provides for conveniently delivering expired batteries to a recycling center. After installing the new cartridge, place the old one in the reusable packaging.
    • Sealed lead-acid battery. Supplies high surge currents, provides robust power-to-weight ratios, and is cost-effective.
    • OEM certified. CyberPower batteries meet or exceed original manufacturer specifications.
    • Leak-proof casing. Protects the sealed lead-acid battery and prolongs battery life.